Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You stupid, stupid, naive, little girl - You and your kind are pussifying America!

I have a few things. That argument about the statistic of 200 babies a year die from a circumcision gone wrong is asinine, and doesn’t hold a lot of water with me. Really? 200 kids - Out of the millions of babies born each day, you’re saying 200 infants die a year. You know how many people die in car accidents every year, yet we’re still permitted by Big Brother to force our children to ride in the car with us – mind you, riding in a car isn’t necessary either– people got along without riding in one for thousands of years. -I mean, how far do you wanna go with this? I have to tell you, I’m cut and I don’t ever remember it being done to me – I’m not traumatized, and all my sons, who were “victims of this unjust procedure,” are all normal, happy, easy to clean, nether region odor-free, aerodynamic mofos . One might say that one child dying is one too many, but lemme tell ya, there's always going to be risk, and You can’t prevent everything – and if you’re tryin’, you’re wasting your life.

Better orgasms? Are you serious? Through circumcision we’re robbing our sons of better orgasms? Better orgasms vs hygienically sound and cosmetically appealing. Lemme tell ya, an orgasm is an orgasm and even a bad one still feels pretty good. Also, if you don’t know what you don’t’ have, then you don’t miss it. Believe me, there's still plenty feelin' down there. If sensitivity is the issue, then I just prepared my boys to last a helluva lot longer in a fire fight. That argument is grasping at straws to me. Please, if you’re making that argument, then this debate isn’t about traumatizing babies anymore. If we’re gonna get ridiculous here, then the only thing I’ve robbed my boys of are the missed opportunities to get a blowjay from some hot, shallow girl who thinks uncut fellers are icky. Screw that, man.

Go and try to market increased sexual pleasure and a musty smelling membrane to a circumcised man who's girlfriend, or spouse suffers from his premature ejaculation, to which, I'm sure he'll reply, "Great. 'just what I need; 20,000 MORE nerve endings."

People get their infant daughters’ ears pierced all the time, and that is the same in the terms of unnecessary and cosmetic– Another thing, ear piercing isn’t usually done by a doctor, not all doctors offices do it. Most women take their kid into some back alley (and I do say "back alley," lightly) tattoo/piercing place and strap ‘em down with no pain medicine– so it can be the same in sense of trauma- I know, I’ve heard the blood curdling scream of a baby girl crying her head off, while getting her ears pierced – so don’t tell me that it’s not. So if you’re looking to rob people of their rights, look in your own backyard first. Before you go condemning circumcision, claiming the best thing to do is outlaw circumcision - Go ask a man about it first. I'm sure you'll find some things quite contrary to your research. And your rant about children's rights and physical intergrity is noble, but very dangerous thinking, and I'll tell you why in the last two sentences of my blog. Children have no rights – well, not in the sense that you might think. If they did have the rights that you and I share, you could not “correct” them when they did – anything you didn’t like them doing. My children’s rights, more or less, belong to me. We carry these rights, making decisions we feel are in the best interest of them, until they are legally old enough to make decisions for themselves. We as parents have the right to bring up our children according to our own, let’s say, traditions and culture. We make decisions for and in the best interest of our children, free of government interference. In regards to circumcision, parents don’t circumcise their children with the INTENT to hurt or abuse their children. People have their children circumcised because they feel, in some way or another it is in the best interest of them. Physical integrity? Physical integrity laws were written to keep Big Brother out of your business. And lastly, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - it is not the government’s job to control legal choice behaviors of Americans. It’s not even about whether people should or should not do the things that they do, it’s about your liberty and freedoms as an American.

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