Sunday, December 13, 2009

Take your name... off your phone.

Ya know, I think what happened was that one of these chicks told his wife that she was bangin' out her man... or even better, sent his wife pictures of them - proud as can be. Then, after the kids had gone to bed, his wife confronted him about the ugly girl who probably treated him better. He probably tried to get up and leave, while saying, "Oh, no, thank you. I-I don't wanna be in this situation; we'll talk later through my attorney." -that's when the crazy bitch lost it and tried to run him down with a golf club. While trying not to run her over, he ran into a tree. Ignorant men say the darndest things, such as, "how do you cheat on a super model - Tiger is so stupid!" She's probably crazy, or is not a good person, or, most commonly, A BITCH. It just goes to show you, looks aren't everything. Good looks aren't a free pass to just lay there. It doesn't matter how fine she is, if she's not good inside and out, there's always gonna be some dude, somewhere, who's tired of her shit. What's more important here, is that people all of a sudden have a moral compass - Ya know, what you do for a living doesn't necessarily reflect who you are and vice versa. You can be an amazing dad, who's... also a contract killer. What he does in his personal life has nothing to do with how well he plays golf. The fact that he cheats on his wife doesn't mean he isn't one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game. Look how people are treating Vick. His crimes have nothing to do with football and HE HAS PAID HIS DEBT TO SOCIETY, yet people wanted to ban him from the league... might I remind you, Ray Lewis killed a guy.... where's the press on that?! "-What?! Ray Lewis killed a guy???" - Exactly. Maybe 'cause the guy wasn't warm and fuzzy is the reason we're more desensitized to it. Has anyone else noticed that Poke'mon is just glorified dog fighting? Don't blame Vick, blame society and our hypocrisies. I'm a parent, myself - and I feel that you can't shield your children from society; the role models your children choose to idolize should be based on the morals and values you instill in them. I told my son, it's okay to like Michael Vick or Tiger woods because they're good athletes, but what they do in their personal lives is a separate matter. These people get paid to do a job, whether they're entertainers, or athletes, and their lives are their own and they're not perfect. Everyone does bad stuff, either intentionally or accidentally, but because of who these people are, you're more likeley to find out what they do bad on tv. People hate Green Day because of their political views... I could give a chicken-flavored shit about who they are; if they're cool people, then they're cool people - if they're not - I still like their music. Famous people, technically, have no moral obligation to society, nor is it right for us to expect any social responsibility from them - People may think they do, because being famous puts you in the public's eye. All that matters is how well they do their job-unless we want be judged at work, not only based on our performance, but on who we are as a person - NO, THANK YOU! Sounds like discrimination to me... We, as a people, choose who we make famous and whether we care about them or not. It's up to me as a parent to instill in my children the ability to discern, on their own, what is right and wrong and make good choices based on what I've taught them.

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